Ecodek Products

ecodek® manufacture a range of wood-polymer composite profiles suitable for decking, balconies & terraces. We also produce fascia boards & two different profiles for the construction of the supporting sub-structure.

ecodek® is much more attractive than a plastic deck and yet easier to install than a wooden deck.

Unlike traditional materials, ecodek® is inherently a low maintenance product.

Sanding, painting, sealing, nail pops, rotting, warping, splitting and splinters will never be problem with ecodek® composite decking materials.


All boards are supplied over length to allow for final cutting during installation.

If ordering multiple lengths of boards, batch sizes must be 6 or more and there must be a minimum length difference of 200mm between batches.

*Deckboards made to order in any length from 1.5m – 6m. Up to 9m available for an extra charge of 10%

1 square metre of decking is equivalent to 7.2 linear metres of decking.

Other profiles, colours and lengths available, please enquire for details.

Curving of deckboards to customer specifications is something that should be done by a professional installer.

Prices subject to change without notice.

Price does not include VAT or delivery – please enquire for delivery rates.

Not all profiles available in all colours.

All products are sold in good faith subject to seller’s terms and conditions of sale. The buyer should determine the suitability of the product for its intended use.

The full range of ecodek® products are shown in the following PDF :

Product Range