ecodek® composite decking warranty

Ecodek warranty

Specialist Building Products Limited (hereafter known as SBP Ltd) offers this warranty to the original purchaser of our UK manufactured polymer/wood composite decking product (ecodek®). For the purposes of this warranty, the decking product consists of a range of 25mm x 138mm deck boards available with 3 surface finishes (grooved, ribbed and smooth) and in five standard colours (Slate Grey, Dark Brown, Light Brown, Pebble Grey and Black).

Under normal use and service conditions, the product is guaranteed for a period of 25 years from the date of the original consumer purchase against structural damage from fungal decay, termites, rotting, splintering or splitting. If a fault occurs with the decking within the warranty period, then the purchaser shall notify SBP Ltd in writing. SBP Ltd will investigate the fault and if necessary, appoint a representative to inspect the deck (any expenses incurred by SBP Ltd will be charged to the purchaser at cost and will be fully refundable if SBP ltd’s product is found to be at fault).

If the material is found to be at fault, then SBP Ltd will either replace the material or refund a percentage of the original material purchase price. SBP Ltd will not accept any claim for any consequential losses, nor will any recompense be made to the customer for initial installation costs.

To make a claim under this warranty, the original purchaser shall send to SBP Ltd, a description of the fault, proof of purchase and photographic evidence. SBP Ltd does not warrant against and is not responsible for, and no implied warranty shall be deemed to cover, any condition attributable to:

  • Improper installation and/or failure to abide by the installation guidelines contained within the technical data sheet.
  • Use of ecodek® in an application not recommended by SBP Ltd or a use which contravenes Building Regulations.
  • Movement, distortion, settling or collapse of the ground and/or supporting structure upon which ecodek® is installed.
  • Any act of God (i.e. earthquake etc) or environmental act (pollution fallout etc).
  • Variations or changes in colour of the product.
  • Faults due to improper handling or storage of the product.

If there is any dispute over a claim, the decision of SBP Ltd is final and binding.

You can download a copy of the most recent version of the ecodek® 25 year warranty.