Skyscraper Day

This weekend, we are celebrating Skyscraper Day which takes place on Sunday 3rd September. It’s a time to celebrate the amazing architectural marvels and achievements found around the world.

The event is held on an annual basis and encourages us to learn about the science, and art that goes into making such large buildings possible.

It’s amazing to think that most tall buildings based in our cities were all once just a paper sketch sitting in an architect’s office.

Skyscrapers are very tall buildings that define a city’s skyline and the term originates in the United States. The early skyscrapers were a range of tall, commercial buildings built between 1884 and 1939, predominantly in the American cities of New York City and Chicago.

The world’s tallest skyscraper is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Constructed in 2010, the building has 163 floors and reaches a total height of 829.8 m (2,722 ft) including the antenna, and a roof height of 828 m (2,717 ft).

The world’s tallest skyscraper is the Burj Khalifa – Colin Capelle via Flickr

To celebrate, try going up a skyscraper and take in the magnificent views from the top floor and enjoy your city’s landscape.

At ecodek® towers we love the work of Stefano Boeri who designed the Bosco Verticale (Vertical Forest) in Milan.   The building was inaugurated in October 2014 and involved input from horticulturalists and botanists.   Bosco Verticale consists of two towers of 80 and 112 metres, hosting 480 large and medium trees, 300 small trees, 11,000 perennial and covering plants and 5,000 shrubs. The equivalent – over an urban surface of 1,500 m2 – of 20,000 m2 of forest and undergrowth.

The diversity of plants helps to develop the microclimate which produces humidity, absorbs CO2 and particles, produces oxygen, and not only that it protects against radiation and noise pollution.

Boeri has also unveiled plans for a similar project in the eastern Chinese city of Nanjing. So watch this space!

Our featured photo for this week is from Fred Romero via Flickr.

Let’s not forget some of the projects which we have supplied ecodek® for including Trafalgar Place. Completed in 2015 this Lendlease development was a flagship housing project in the regeneration scheme of Elephant & Castle. All homes within the development have either an ecodek® balcony, roof terrace or garden area.

We are proud to be working alongside our customers on such huge projects

ecodek® was primarily specified for another project South Bank Tower. The client required a low maintenance, hard wearing product that had to be tough enough to withstand the weight of a BMU (Building Maintenance Unit) being regularly driven over it whilst also maintaining good slip resistance properties. ecodek® was installed on the roof terrace garden at the top of the tower and was designed to a very modern and high-end specification.

We are proud to be working alongside our customers on such huge projects. From the early stages of an enquiry to plans, quotes and orders, seeing the finished project is so fulfilling and rewarding.

Just to remind you in a couple of weeks’ time it will be World Green Building Week 2017, which we will be running a future blog post on.

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