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It’s interesting to know that plastics make up the majority of debris found on beaches both in the UK and many other countries around the world.

It’s worrying to hear that our oceans are filled with so much plastic trash, it is estimated they will contain more plastic than fish by the year 2020.

At ecodek® towers we wanted to make a difference as we feel protective of our beaches, so last Saturday Felicity Hodgkinson, Marketing Manager, Julie Haddock, Business Systems Coordinator,  Zoe Holman, Retail Sales Coordinator and Paul Birkhill, Trade Sales Coordinator including myself all took part in the Great British Beach Clean at Llandudno North Shore Beach which was organised by the Marine Conservation Society.

The Marine Conversation Society work really hard in promoting their beach cleans and have removed 568,000 pieces of litter from our coasts in one year.

Wearing our brand new pink ecodek® shirts with pride and high vis jackets we certainly did stand out from the crowd and decided to split up into teams of two. Volunteers from the Marine Conservation Society gave an introduction to what they wanted us to achieve from the beach clean event along with some instructions.   Each team were given a litter pick up tool and a clipboard to make a record of what type of waste we had collected.

I had teamed up with Paul Birkhill who had brought his daughters along as well and they enjoyed taking part.

It was surprising to find we had collected a lot of waste as when you look at the North Shore beach from a distance you would think that it was clear but that was not the case.

We found that a lot of plastic waste was hidden under the pebbles, as the North Shore is quite a stoney beach.   The more common items our teams recorded were mostly pieces of plastic, plastic wrappers, drink cans, glass, foil wrappers, wet wipes, fish and chip forks/trays and a lot of cigarette stubs.

We also found a couple of other items ranging from a fishing net, a corn on the cob, a couple of pairs of sunglasses, car parts and a sock.

The beach clean took place for two hours and by the end we certainly felt that we had achieved something in that time.

For two hours of your time it’s definitely something that anyone can get involved in, whether you are taking part with your company, school, or why not bring the whole family along in helping to make our beaches more safe and clean.   By clicking on this link enter your postcode and find relevant events taking place near to you.   There are also many ways in which you can take place in the Plastic Challenge.

Check out our beach clean message video presented by my very own self!

Llandudno certainly did treat us to some sea air and luckily there were no showers in sight so we all stayed dry.

We were lucky with the weather!

After all the hard work as a joint effort we treated ourselves to a traditional fish and chips lunch.

You can’t beat the best of British – Fish & Chips !

We would certainly like to get involved in future beach cleans. Stay tuned for a further blog posts on this.

Next week we are celebrating FSC Friday which takes place on 29th September.

It would be great to hear from you if you have been involved in a Beach Clean. Leave us a comment in the comments field below.

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