Earth Day

At ecodek® we try to where possible to exceed green regulations, protecting our environment in the process whilst operating and saving money. We are celebrating Earth Day at ecodek® towers which takes place tomorrow.

The Earth Day network are launching the ambitious goal of achieving global climate and environmental literacy by Earth Day 2020 which will be the 50th anniversary of this event. This year’s campaign focuses on environmental and climate literacy and educating climate change through Teach-In toolkits.

The supported Teach-Ins around the world will encourage communities to learn about local environmental issues and develop the necessary techniques to take action.

Did you know that our planet is currently losing over 15 billion trees each year? – That’s 56 acres of forest every minute.

So how can we do our bit and take personal action? We’ve come up with a couple of ideas. Why not create your own Act of Green and help support Earth Day?

Grow Your Own

Why not look to start your own allotment? Growing your own produce not only helps to reduce your carbon footprint but also cuts out food miles.  It’s a great hobby to have, as a couple of us at ecodek® towers have found. The National Allotment Society offers support, guidance and advice to their members.

Having your own allotment is an excellent way to ensure that the fruit and vegetables you and your family eat are fresh, organic and actually have flavour.

Go hybrid!

Look at ways to reduce emissions of CO2 by purchasing a hybrid vehicle.

It’s surprising to know that hybrid vehicles have been around for a long time since the late 1990’s in fact.

There are 2 different types of hybrid vehicles available. You can buy the traditional serial hybrid that uses a petrol or diesel engine as its main form of propulsion, helped out by an electric motor and a small battery pack. These tend to use electrical power only at low speeds or to boost the internal combustion engine when extra acceleration is required. Secondly there are what are more commonly known as plug-in-hybrids or plug in electric vehicles (PHEVs).   They have a longer electric-only range than serial hybrids and battery packs are large enough that they need to be plugged into the mains electricity supply to be recharged.

(You could go for the full electric option, with either a Tesla, a Renault Zoe, a BMW i3 or a Nissan Leaf! – Ed)

What Car give you the lowdown on what the best hybrid cars are currently in the market.

A couple of our petrol heads here at ecodek® towers like this article on an engine tuners outlook on electric cars, green energy and the death of fossil fuel published by Onpoint Dyno & Race Service.

Let’s not forget car sharing is also a great way of reducing your carbon footprint and cuts out CO2 emissions.

A life less or without Plastic

Plastic is found in virtually everything these days but is it possible to live life without plastic? Well you could give it a go or try to live with less of it.   Check out 100 steps to a plastic free life and a couple of ideas.

So next time you are in the supermarket refrain from reaching for bottled water. All bottles tend to end up as trash in landfills, beaches, rivers and oceans. Did you know that trash stays in a landfill for about 30 years? Why not start using a stainless steel bottle instead, not only is it environmentally friendly but it’s also more hygienic.

Tony Alter – Recycled Waste via Flickr. Take a leaf out of Tony’s book. He collects bottle caps, plastic bits and pieces he picks up whilst walking. Once his jar is full he places it into recyclable bins.

Avoid using cleaning products such as multi-surface, toilet or window cleaner if you can and make up your own cleaning products.   As an alternative, use 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water or check out these cheap and natural cleaning alternatives from Mother Nature Network.

Did you know that chewing gum is made from plastic? That’s right. Think about that next time you are chewing on gum you are actually chewing on plastic!

We strongly support the act of green as ecodek® is made up of 40% recycled HDPE polymer and 50% reclaimed hardwood from sustainably managed forests, making ecodek® 100% recyclable and composed of 95% recycled materials.

We are FSC (Forestry of Stewadship Council) and PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) approved. We can prove to you that our product has been made with timber from well-managed forests.

Our exclusive waste buy back scheme allows you to buy your off-cuts and unused ecodek® wood polymer composite decking, saving you money and helping the environment.

Together we can create a greener future and create a safe sustainable environment for future generations.

This week’s feature image is from Woodleywonderworks – Everyday is Earth Day via Flickr.

If you are celebrating Earth Day, it would be good to let us know what you are up to in the comments.

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